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New Quickship Collection

Posted by Guilford of Maine on March 22, 2019

Need it fast? Meet our Quickship Collection!
Our Quickship Collection combines a selection of 25 tried-and-true panel fabrics such as Framework, Mingle, and Essence with brand new looks like Amaze and Chase. It offers you readily available inventory in pre-selected colors, with shorter lead times.

Framework 2762

Thanks to its crisp texture and contemporary colorway, our popular crepe pattern Framework is a great option when you need fabric to blend in with its surroundings. Framework colors in the Quickship Collection : Sandy Pebble 2554, Gray Blue 2553, Dove Gray 2689, Blue Smooth 2519, Elephant 2690. Order Framework samples

Mingle 2527

This small-scale pattern/texture first introduced in 2003 is still a go-to option for panel installation. Newly introduced warm neutrals and mid-value blue enhance Mingle’s existing offering. Mingle colors in the Quickship Collection: New Wheatberry 041, Biscuit 090, Crystal 060, Winter 070, Carbon 010. Order Mingle samples

Essence 4873

Essence’s complex weave creates an intricate interplay of four different yarns. It features a small-scale dobby pattern with underlying color effects. Essence colors in the Quickship Collection: Cream 2631, Tobacco 2635, Ash 2634, Heather 2633, Charcoal Melange 2637. Order Essence samples

Chase 2138

Newly introduced Chase is a piece dyed, heather melange fabric that brings an organic feel and subtle variation. Chase’s allover texture makes it easy to use. Chase colors in the Quickship Collection: Ecru 1241, Coin 1243, Mushroom 1245, Shadow 1246, Pumice 1248. Order Chase samples

Amaze 2139

New Amaze features a small-scale pattern that reads as a large-scale texture from a distance. The melange yarn adds an organic quality, with darker colors going in and out of focus to soften the grid pattern. Chase and Amaze work well together, as their different patterns can be used as inside/outside panels or as a base/accent. Amaze colors in the Quickship Collection: Bone 1262, Platinum 1260, Morel 1264, Steel 1266, Sky 1268. Order Amaze samples

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