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Meet Our New Patterns - March 2018

Posted by Guilford of Maine on March 15, 2018

We're excited to introduce 5 new patterns into Guilford of Maine! All are contemporary additions to our line. Two are for upholstery applications and three are panel fabrics. Read on to see them all and order a free sample.

Blink 1577


Blink is a small scale upholstery texture perfect for all seating from task chairs to lounge. A black yarn that comes and goes in subtle randomness not only creates an organic appeal but also visual counterpoint to the 13 rich colors. It is a true performer at 100,000 doublerubs, as well as a sustainable choice. Blink is made completely of recycled polyester and scores at the Gold level in the Facts Sustainability Program. 


Relay 1547


Featuring the current trend of linework as well as circle motifs, Relay is a small scale geometric upholstery. With 10 choices of harmonious multicolor palettes, this fabric brings action and depth to a chair. Made from 100% antimony-free polyester and complete with a stain repellent and acrylic backcoating, Relay is sustainability rated Facts Gold.


Dashing 1204


A unique warp made from two yarn colors in an intricate but seemingly random rotation creates movement and interest across the width of Dashing panel fabric. A thicker lustrous yarn peaks out here and there in the horizontal direction creating a soft yet structured look. The seven neutral colors in both warm and cool tones are selected to coordinate with popular panel finishes. Made of 100% recycled polyester, Dashing is rated Facts Gold.


Essence 4873


A complex weave structure creates an intricate interplay of four different yarns in the panel fabric Essence. This results in a sophisticated surface with detail and structure. Ten colors include classic panel light greys and light tans along with colored neutrals such as Clementine, Spanish Olive, and Waters. 


Twigs 4231


Twigs panel fabric features a small scale organic pattern that reads as an expanded texture from a distance. It will add dimension with a relaxed personality. Twigs is a branded Terratex fabric being made from 100% recycled polyester and completely recyclable, as well as a certified Facts Gold fabric in the contract textiles sustainability program.