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The Wants & Needs Crypton Collection

Posted by Guilford of Maine on May 12, 2017

The “Wants & Needs Collection” is 5 new Crypton Green upholstery patterns from Guilford of Maine. The collection has the range of coordinating, useable upholstery patterns with current trend colors that you want along with the performance of Crypton Green that you need.

As Crypton Green fabrics, these patterns are resistant to stains, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odors. The Crypton chemistry is permanently bonded to the fabric through an immersion process which coats each fiber, so the protection will stay effective for the life of the fabric. Each pattern in this collection has over 50% post-consumer recycled polyester content and tests to 100,000 doublerubs.

Named for things that we are all craving in this age of constant connectedness and information overload, these fabrics provide a range of scales and coordinating colors to make it easy to pull together an interior scheme. Ranging from midscale multicolor patterns, to allover patterns with varying fill colors, plus a small scale stripe, this collection features a vibrant palette. The five patterns have been colored to work with each other in multiple ways.

Below is more information on each pattern. To see the full colorline and order free samples, click the links below.

Clarity 5581


13 colors, 100,000 double rubs, Crypton Green

Clarity is the most multicolor fabric in the collection with 4 accent colors showing up as horizontal dashes across a strong ground color. The warp is creating the strong geometric graphic as well as the variety of visual texture found within the oval motifs, bringing a depth to this pattern. Clarity is great for pulling a room together where you want to unite several colors within one space.

Feedback 5584


12 colors, 100,000 double rubs, Crypton Green

Feedback utilizes a subtle multi-color effect to give tonality to the ground color. Overlaying this is a small-scale geometric pattern that adds movement and energy to the pattern.


Instant 5585


13 colors, 100,000 double rubs, Crypton Green

Instant is the most allover pattern in the collection. Perfect for small guest seating chairs and other areas where you might want a fabric that reads as small-scale visual texture from a distance. The subtle color variation creates an almost ‘tweed-like’ look that helps to hide stains and provides more interest than a flat solid.


Recharge 5582


10 colors, 100,000 double rubs, Crypton Green

Stripes are a classic in the hospitality world in particular. This small-scale multicolor stripe adds vibrancy and action to any piece of furniture. The stripe is not balanced, so your eye keeps moving over the rhythm of the lines instead of settling on any one stripe in particular.


Select 5586


6 colors, 100,000 double rubs, Crypton Green

Last but not least we have Select. This is the largest scale pattern in the collection but still a very useable mid-scale. A classic geometric pattern woven with a slight stripe in the shapes to give multiple tonalities. The geometric shapes have softened edges to create a more hospitable pattern while staying crisp and regular.

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