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Meet our new patterns

Posted by Guilford of Maine on March 8, 2017

Time for new products! We've just launched Intuition, a brand new multi-purpose fabric as well as new colors to our popular BeeHave and Framework patterns. Read on to see them all, learn more about them and order a free sample.

BeeHave 3948

Upholstery, Panel & Acoustic

A re-coloring of BeeHave adds 8 new colors to its geometric honeycomb matelassé pattern. This fabric is right at home as upholstery, on cubicle panels or acoustic applications. The warm tones have been expanded to cover the range from fresh soft yellow to pop orange all the way to deep bluish reds. The cool colors include the existing popular Pear and Azure along with the addition of a darker green, a deep blue and a rich purple.

BeeHave is a matelassé fabric, which means quilted in French. Its small scale geometric honeycomb pattern is created by using a combination of weave structures. The areas of linework between the hexagons are acting as the stitching does in a quilt. Although solid in color, this piece dye fabric has unique depth and texture.

Intuition 4856

Upholstery, Panel & Acoustic

Natural wool fabrics have been seeing a resurgence in the past few years as they perfectly embody the trend toward warmth and comfort and a more residential feel in public spaces. Intuition features the matte look of a wool but in 100% polyester. This piece dye fabric utilizes two types of polyester to create the subtle horizontal and vertical striations that bring depth and dimension to this pattern. The color palette is fashion-forward featuring updated midcentury colors in midtone values, on trend brights, and always important warm and cool neutrals in light, medium, and dark values and is suitable for upholstery, panel and acoustic applications.

Framework 2762

Panel & Acoustic

We've added 5 new colors to our popular crepe pattern, Framework. This is a great pattern when you need (or want) fabric to blend in more with its surroundings. There are strong neutrals and a nice range of darker colors as well. And, like all of our panel and acoustic products, it has been third-party tested for acoustical transparency.

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