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Meet Our New Patterns

Posted by Guilford of Maine on November 23, 2016

We're excited to introduce 3 new patterns into Guilford of Maine! All are bright, contemporary additions to our line. 2 are multi-purpose fabrics for upholstery and vertical surface applications and one is a panel and acoustic fabric. Read on to see them all and order a free sample.

Couture is a small scale multicolor geometric pattern with a fresh colorline. Three accent colors form a broken grid pattern on top of a rich, strong ground color. It's perfect for pulling other solid fabrics together in a space and more forgiving of stains that don’t get cleaned up in time, and withstands 100,000 double rubs.

Quadrille is a small scale piece dye for both seating and vertical use. We are seeing renewed interest in textures and tonal looks in both upholstery and panel/acoustic. Quadrille fits right in as its darker ground adds depth and emphasizes its texture. Although woven in undyed yarns, the two tones are created during the piece dye process. Two different types of polyester are used in the woven fabric. They respond to different dyestuffs, so both tones can be created in the same dyebath. Quadrille’s color range incorporates light neutrals for more traditional vertical use, bright accent colors for seating and accent panels, as well as the always popular seating colors black, grey and dark blue. This product is easy to use with fresh colors, withstands 100,000 double rubs and has a great texture.

Whisper is a contemporary version of our classic Anchorage crepe. It features a new clean, crisp canvas-like surface and a large palette including both a full range of useable neutrals and strong, rich accent colors. Perfect for office cubicles, benching system panels and acoustic panels.


Don't forget to click on each image below to see the full colorline and to order free samples!

Couture 4858

Upholstery, Panel

Quadrille 4701

Upholstery, Panel & Acoustic

Whisper 1240

Panel & Acoustic

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