Stain repellents like Crypton, BLOCKaide and Scotchgard can help prevent spills, dirt and grime from penetrating the fabric, which can help extend the life of the fabric by keeping it looking like new.

They create a protective shield that repels liquid, dirt and grime, thus giving you (or whoever spilled) the time needed to clean the spill before it is absorbed by the upholstery fabric.


Three stain repellents we offer are outlined below:


BLOCKaide is our proprietary soil and stain repellent. It provides excellent repellency to oil and water and helps repel spills and makes clean up easier.


Next generation Scotchgard provides excellent repellency to oil and water by using increasingly sustainable materials that are outside of the PFOA regulatory debates by using C4 chemistry.


Crypton offers permanent stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant protection by encapsulating each fiber. More than just being a stain repellent, Crypton fabric also includes an antimicrobial treatment as well as a moisture barrier.

A lot of our upholstery patterns come standard with either BLOCKaide or Scothgard, but even if it doesn't come standard, it can be applied to almost any pattern.

Especially in heavy use environments where foods are present like lounge areas, cafeterias, restaurants and movie theaters, a stain repellent on the fabric is probably a good idea. BLOCKaide and Scotchgard can also be combined with moisture barriers and antimicrobial treatments for increased protection for use in healthcare facilities.