Color and fabric just might be your answer.

Color in a traditional style is often in a mid-range of tones where the walls are typically painted neutral colors to visually ground the elaborate furnishings. Mixing things up with very dark or very light colors can be a way to bring in a little bit of the unexpected without going over the top. To state the obvious, neon brights and jarring combinations should definitely be avoided.

Fabrics are generally neither too shiny nor too textured. Multi-color florals are often the basis of the entire color scheme, but plain colors, muted plaids, understated stripes, geometrics, tone-on-tone and small all-over patterns are also widely common. Rich shades of fabric colors like red, blue, and brown add a little bit of punch to this typically calm environment.

To bring in a little modern flair, take a look at the Wanderlust Collection from Guilford of Maine. It’s a pleasant mix of designer fabrics that will work well in a traditional design.