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Discover Guilford of Maine's must-have styles, Chase and Amaze.

Posted by Guilford of Maine on June 28, 2019

Guilford of Maine’s brand-new styles are the perfect fabrics to spruce up or completely revamp any interior.

Both Chase and Amaze patterns are completely on par with current resimercial and hygge design trends. Lynne Willis, Creative Director at Guilford of Maine, takes us on the creative journey she took as she developed these new fabrics.


“Chase and Amaze are sibling panel fabrics as they were developed together,” explained Ms. Willis. “The goal was to create vertical styles that were attuned to what we’re seeing right now in the market: they are very tightly woven, have a refined look, and feature soft, organic textures and patterns.”

While Chase and Amaze are very refined in character; there are subtle differences between the two that complement both styles. Available in 12 colors (8 neutral and 4 accent colors), Chase is a texture with raised horizontal lines and has an NRC of .95. Offered in eight neutral colors, Amaze, on the other hand, has a very small-scale pattern, much like a garden maze, that reads like a texture.


“The colors of Amaze coordinate seamlessly with the neutrals in Chase, which allow designers to create soft, muted ambiances,” Ms. Willis said. “Interestingly, both styles use heathered yarn that has been dyed in light and dark tones of the same color to create a randomness that mimics what we see in nature. These natural colors create comforting ambiances aligned with the hygge movement. ”

In terms of the color, the design approach was to identify a range of warm and cool colors that were meaningful for vertical panel fabrics. “These are great options for designers who want to create warm and cozy interiors with subtle, toned-down colors that pay tribute to cool minerals, sun-baked desserts, green forests and the like.”

“The notions of quality of living—and quality of working—continue to be top-of-mind for workspace designers. These styles will be a source of inspiration for their creations for many years to come,” said Ms. Willis. 

Dominic Ba, 2019-07-05 11:39:00

I Discovered Guilford of Maine's must-have styles, Chase and Amaze.

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