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Why You Should Never Specify Textiles from an Image on a Screen

Posted by Shawn Voss on Sep 15, 2015 11:33:00 AM


However tempting it may be, whether you're in a time crunch to get a project completed, or you think it will be close enough, don't specify a textile based on an image on a screen, or a printed image. Read on to find out why.


To prove my point, pull out your smart phone, find a colorful website, and pull up the same website on your computer. Now hold your phone up to your computer screen and see the difference. This is because every digital screen (unless color calibrated) will display colors differently. There are different types of screens, various levels of quality, and the color of monitors changes over time. So no matter how accurate the actual image is, it will look different depending on which screen it is on. 


While we do everything we can to color correct the images of all our textiles, ultimately you are looking at a back-lit 2D representation of a 3D, tactile, textural object.

So what do you do? Our perspective is that whether it's an image in a product binder or on our website, it's a starting point to narrow down your choices to a few or more. Once you have that determined, you can order free 8" x 9" memo samples, and we ship them to arrive to you in 2 days to make your final decision.


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