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Our most loved fabric is now bleach cleanable!

Posted by Guilford of Maine on July 20, 2020

For over 40 years, the iconic FR701 line has been customers’ favorite acoustic fabric. Well, guess what, this timeless classic just got even better! Acousticians have lauded its exceptional performance for decades, and it has always been highly regarded for its superior quality, durability and visual appeal. So, without taking away any of what has made it so popular over the years, we wanted to bring the line to another level with a key enhancement reflecting current needs and trends: a bleach-cleanable fabric.

Easier cleaning and disinfection

Who would have thought FR701could get any better on a technical level? Well, our R&D team sure did! They’ve put in a lot of hard work to bring you peace of mind in an era of intensive cleaning and disinfecting. Now, not only is FR701 as reliable as ever for acoustic transparency, flexibility, technical quality and durability, but it is also bleach cleanable on top of being cleanable with other disinfectants. Whatever protocols you have to follow, you don’t have to worry about a thing, but if you have the choice, bleach is a fantastic option since you can clean and disinfect in one step. With new, contemporary shades and the possibility of bleach cleaning, FR701 really is the total package.

A new palette to brighten your days

Last year, we updated the line to feature nine new colors in addition to our many timeless options. While customers of yore tended to prefer muted tones for panel and acoustic fabrics, today’s designers have a hankering for deeper, more saturated hues, and we answered the call. Our new Gen Z yellow, bright orange and red, deep sapphire blue, rich sky blue, glowing chartreuse, lime green and teal green—all with our famous heathered look that lends the fabric that handcrafted feel—will add a warm, yet invigorating splash of color to any space.

You can now shop your favorite fabric online!