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New Seating Fabrics - Fall 2017

Posted by Guilford of Maine on November 7, 2017

Since the middle of the last century the office environment has evolved from private offices to cubicle farms to open office. Now in 2017, we are working in spaces that combine collaborative areas encouraging interaction with private spaces allowing for focus and introspection.

With 24/7 connectivity we are also seeing the integration of the personal and the professional, the home and the office. Today’s workforce prefers a more useable, approachable, and comfortable feel to their work spaces – more and more like their homes.

This diverse and dynamic collection of nine upholstery fabrics with 117 colorways speaks to the way we work today. We need highly functional and durable fabrics that work in a variety of environments and on a range of furniture pieces to soothe or energize, inspire or connect. Encompassing a range of colors, textures, and patterns these fabrics have the look, value, and performance to work anywhere, anytime just like our new work style.

Below is more information on each pattern. To see the full colorline and order free samples, click the links below.

Staccato 8077

18 saturated colors, 150,000 double-rubs, acrylic backcoating, stain repellent
A classic twill weave with small repeating texture in 100% nylon construction for high durability. Colors from the collection include a fresh bright blue, vivid teal and glowing chartreuse along with the trending deep green and rich purple.

Emphasis 5594

9 colors, 100,00 double rubs, stain repellent
Emphasis has the residential look and soft hand that is so popular right now, but still provides contract performance. It features a lustrous boucle yarn in an intermittent pattern that references the timeworn patina of a treasured keepsake.

Phrase 9508

11 colors, 100,000 double-rubs, acrylic backcoating, bleach cleanable
Lines of color are overlaid with lines of texture to create this updated refined stripe. The soft hand and matte surface are achieved thanks to a unique fill yarn. In addition to it’s clever construction, Phrase is also bleach cleanable, allowing for use in the most demanding installations while still maintaining its original appeal.

Reason 9506

12 colors, 100,000 double-rubs, acrylic backcoating
Reason features a familiar iconic basketweave with understated simplicity. It has been cleverly designed for great performance.

Adept 9882

13 colors, 50,000 double-rubs, acrylic backcoating, stain repellent
This small-scale stripe is all about an attention to detail that brings a warm yet modern sensibility. The careful balance between the colors of the horizontal stripe creates a tonal play that brings depth and richness.

Evoke 9883

12 colors, 100,000 double-rubs, acrylic backcoating
This pattern is all about showcasing the integrity of the materials by featuring two very different novelty yarns. The chenille yarn is the star with its soft, plush nature creating a comforting hand. A thick, smooth, shiny yarn adds a counterpoint to the matte, fuzzy chenille providing another layer of texture along with a glimmer of luster.

Moment 9509/9510

10 colors, 100,000 double-rubs, acrylic backcoating, stain repellent
Reminiscent of a traditional barkcloth texture, Moment has a classic, comfortable residential look with contract performance. The texture of this pattern reads well even from a distance and is very forgiving for upholstery. The colorways include a warm & cool neutral, rich charcoal grey, four warm hues and four cool hues.

Cadence 5595

14 colors, 100,000 double-rubs, acrylic backcoating
Cadence is a two tone fabric with a modified grid pattern that creates a more casual take on a classic geometric. The colorways include the new trend hues: deep forest green, saturated blue, strong reddish orange, and vivid turquoise.

Input 5598

18 colors, 100,000 double-rubs, bleach-cleanable
Input is a digitally inspired pattern created from small scale horizontal dashes. The random openings in the dash pattern create a subtle larger scale rhythm. Offered in a broad range of colors including action brights, contemporary midtones, and traditional rich darks for creating the analogous color palettes of today. Input is also bleach cleanable, allowing for use in the most demanding installations while still maintaining its original appeal.

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