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Monthly Collection: On Call

Posted by Shawn Voss on Jul 10, 2015 11:56:01 AM



Being a textile in a Healthcare environment can be a tough job, unless it's up for the challenge. Our collection this month is a small sampling of our overall collection of high performance textiles that look and perform great in a Healthcare setting, whether that be in a Hospital waiting room, patient room, or an assisted living facility.


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Many of the patterns in this collection are bleach cleanable because they are woven with solution-dyed nylon, a tough yarn that is great if you need to pull out the bleach, and it also has incredible resistance to fading. Most patterns also include BLOCKaide, our proprietary soil and stain repellent. See images of the whole collection below, download a pdf card of the collection, with specs, or order a full memo set of the collection for free.




Order a full memo set of this collection for free




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