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Blossom with inspiration

Posted by Guilford of Maine on May 16, 2019

Watch your interiors come alive with Guilford of Maine’s new introduction that provides the same extraordinary acoustic performance– but with stimulating new looks. Create contemporary accents and stunning environments that will not go unnoticed.

FR701 2100 - A colorful evolution for a beloved classic

Happy anniversary FR701! 

We're celebrating 40 years of high-performance acoustic transparency that has set the industry standard for decades. In honor of this milestone, we're introducing 9 saturated colors that are completely on trend to make a bold statement. Its heathered, matte appearance adds a touch of artisan allure that seeks attention. Use multiple colors in one installation to pack a true creative punch!  NRC: 1.00     

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Mingle 2527 - A little texture with big ideas

Featuring a small-scale all-over design, Mingle is a tried and true option that helps you create inviting interiors to captivate the senses. We're welcoming 3 new colors:  2 warm neutrals and a mid-value blue that are ideal and affordable for refurbishing projects.  NRC: 1.00

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Steadfast 3125 - Amp up your decor

Ahead-of-the-curve design starts here.  Featuring a play on oblong shapes with 7 trendy colors, Steadfast's subtle pattern displays a harmonious balance of geometry. Use Steadfast to add eye-catching volume to your décor – all the while offering acoustic performance.  NRC: .85

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Chase & Amaze - Elevate the ambiance

Guilford of Maine is introducing two new styles:  Amaze and Chase. Inspired by cool minerals and sunbaked surfaces, with slight variations in the fiber, the heathered yarn adds a luxurious tonality that inspires comfort and transcends elegance. Used together or separately, Amaze and Chase are on par with current “resimercial” trends.  

Chase 2138

Explore 12 organic colors – 8 elegant neutrals and 4 rich, earthy accent shades with an all-over texture that gives any interiors a captivating look. Purposeful imperfection never looked so good. NRC: .95

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Amaze 2139

Discover 8 natural colors with a small, tone-on-tone relief pattern reminiscent of a classic garden maze. Make a subtle yet unforgettable impression.

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